3rd advisor is the multifarious VR expert Prof. Michele Fiorentino


Prof. Michele Fiorentino is with the Polytechnic of Bari in the field “Design and Methods of Industrial Engineering”, Dept. Mechanical Engineer., Mathematics and Management of the Polytechnic of Bari (DMMM).

His main areas of research are CAD, CAX, ergonomic tools Virtual, Augmented Reality and reality Reconstruction applied and bio-engineering. He teaches “Virtual Design and Simulation” at the Faculty of Industrial Design and “Simulation and Virtual Prototyping” in the Master’s Degree in Engineering at the Polytechnic of Bari. He also has about 20 years of experience as a professional trainer for companies, technical schools, and Ph.Ds. He is the General Chair of ISMAR 21 IEEE  conference (https://ismar21.org).