Mindesk in CES 2021: an amazing paradigm in CAD VR


Mindesk’s Live Link, available in current commercial releases, already enables the use of CAD software like McNeel Rhinoceros and Dassault Solidworks in a Virtual Reality environment without the need for programming skills or lengthy export and configuration processes.

Mindesk’s latest release extends this platform with the integration of Microsoft Hololens 2, Varjo XR-1 and Varjo XR-3. The new interface introduces an unprecedented paradigm in CAD that allows engineers and designers to expand their 2D monitor into the surrounding space. With Mindesk, users can place a virtual hologram of their model next to their workstation. Now they can choose to interact with the CAD scene through mouse and keyboard or a 6DOF XR controller, as well as seamlessly jump from the 2D monitor to the hologram.

Mindesk XR solution provides the most advanced digital work environment for CAD professionals who need to be fast and efficient in their work. The additional volumetric window offers a new point of view that allows the user to fully grasp even complex 3D assemblies, simulations, or point clouds. The direct link to well established software like Rhinoceros and Solidworks and the preserved use of traditional I/O like mouse and keyboard in a XR environment allows enterprises to expeditiously adopt this solution.

For example, Mindesk can be used in the automotive industry to model a 3D car directly in XR. The solution makes it easy to iterate many designs really fast and ultimately get on market sooner.

“VR has been increasingly accepted by enterprises in the past two years. However, Mixed Reality now offers the opportunity to reach a wider professional audience.” said Gabriele Sorrento, Director of Vection Technologies and co-founder of Mindesk. “We directed our efforts at breaking down the latest barriers of adoption of VR. The natural blend of mixed reality with existing professional tools and practices makes the transition to the XR not just seamless, but undelayable.” he concluded.


CEO, Director – Mindesk Inc.

Director – Vection Technologies Ltd.